DQ Online Folio 1 (2023): ‘First Nations’

The inaugural issue of DQ Online Folios: ‘First Nations,’ a collaboration between Denver Quarterly (University of Denver) and Westerly Magazine (University of Western Australia), guest-edited by Billy J. Stratton and SJ Burton.

We invite you to also read ‘First Nations’ at Westerly online.


Table of Contents

“Preface: editorial reflections” by Denver Quarterly and Westerly Magazine

“Introduction: On Native and Indigenous Pasts, Presents and Futures in the Land Through Memory, Image and Storytelling” by Billy J. Stratton

“The Wonder and Silence of Paper” by Sarah-Jane Burton

Four Poems by Kimberly Blaeser

“Reflections on a Journey” by Dr Stacey Kim Coates

Two Poems by Paul Collis

“Fingers” by Chelinay Gates

Four Poems from Psalm to Whom(e) by Diane Glancy

“Salt Water Dancing” by Samia Goudie

“My Connection to my Grandmother’s Country” by Marion Kickett

“Remembrance” by Teneale Lavender

“The Cheyenne and Arapaho of the American West: A Proud and Resilient People” by Brent Learned

Colours of Goolugatup by Zali Morgan

Two Poems by Brenda Saunders

Ilíígo Naalyéhé: Goods of Value by Luci Tapahonso

“American Rex” by Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

“Fugitive Puppets” by Gerald Vizenor

“Words and Memories at the Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site” and Nine Images by William Walks Along