F I V E S: A Companion to Denver Quarterly is a digital journal for innovative creative and critical work, released on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Launched by Denver Quarterly in 2020 to showcase work suited for a digital medium, F I V E S welcomes submissions of interdisciplinary and cross-genre work not typically publishable in print form. Send us your audioscapes, visual work, short films, digitally inclined prose, poetry, and criticism, and artistic experiments of all types year round here.

For current happenings, follow F I V E S and Denver Quarterly on Instagram and Twitter @DenverQuarterly.



W. Scott Howard: Editor

Stella Corso: Associate Editor

Lucien Darjeun Meadows: Managing Editor

Editorial Assistants: Jason Lipeles & Chantelle Mitchell

Editorial Advisors: Elizabeth Adams, Vincent James, & Alicia Wright

Special thanks to Julia Madsen, Ren Brandon, & Joel Lewis for their contributions to F I V E S.