F I V E S: A Companion to Denver Quarterly is a digital journal for innovative creative and critical work, released on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Launched by Denver Quarterly in 2020 to showcase work suited for a digital medium, F I V E S welcomes submissions of interdisciplinary and cross-genre work not typically publishable in print form. Send us your audioscapes, audiovisuals, interactive creations, multimedia prose, multimedia poetry, and artistic experiments of all types year-round here.

For current happenings, follow F I V E S and Denver Quarterly on Instagram and Twitter @DenverQuarterly.



Editor: W. Scott Howard

Associate Editor: Marina Burandt

Managing Editor: Stella Corso

Editorial Assistants: Jason Lipeles & Chantelle Mitchell

Editorial Advisors: Elizabeth Adams, Vincent James, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, & Alicia Wright

Special thanks to Julia Madsen, Ren Brandon, & Joel Lewis for their contributions to F I V E S.