James Scales and Nathaniel Rosenthalis

Availability makes him often gathering




Note: These collages take their titles and imagery from The Leniad (Broken Sleep Books) by Nathaniel Rosenthalis and were produced in collaboration with the author.





James Scales is a writer, musician, and visual artist working out of New York City’s oldest house. His art has appeared in The Brooklyn Review and The Spectacle, and his writing is forthcoming from or has appeared in Kenyon Review, The Hopkins Review, and Full Stop. www.jameswadescales.com.

Nathaniel Rosenthalis is an actor, singer, and poet. He is the author of the forthcoming full-length collections I Won’t Begin Again, winner of the 2021 Burnside Press Review Award selected by Sommer Browning, and The Leniad (Broken Sleep Books). He lives and works in New York City. www.nathanielrosenthalis.com.