Benjamin Zellmer Bellas




Benjamin Zellmer Bellas’ work has been published in The Pinch, Cadillac Cicatrix, and Drain Magazine. His combination of writing and visual art has been exhibited internationally at venues including Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 1a space, Hong Kong, and the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki among others. He is the recipient of a Franklin Furnace Award, and his work has been written about in Sculpture Magazine, FRIEZE, New City Chicago, and Washington Post. Zellmer Bellas holds MFAs from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Bennington Writing Seminars.

Olivia Muenz


my graine


my graine ii


Olivia Muenz is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Louisiana State University. She received her BA from NYU and is currently the Nonfiction Editor for New Delta Review. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Salt Hill Journal, Anomaly, The Boiler, Pidgeonholes, Heavy Feather Review, Timber Journal, Peach Magazine, Stone of Madness Press, and ctrl+v.

Madison McCartha


Drone Render_08


“Drone Render_08” includes text excerpts from McCartha’s THE CRYPTODRONE SEQUENCE that have previously appeared in The Spectacle.


Madison McCartha is a black poet and multimedia artist whose work appears in Black Warrior Review, Denver Quarterly, Tarpaulin Sky and elsewhere. Their debut book of poetry, FREAKOPHONE WORLD, is forthcoming from Inside the Castle in 2021; their second book, THE CRYPTODRONE SEQUENCE, is forthcoming from Black Ocean.

Sarah Minor


A Most Certain, Strange and True

Discovery of a VVitch


Seen on the Wing


Sarah Minor is the author of Slim Confessions: The Universe as a Spider or Spit (Noemi Press 2021), Bright Archive (Rescue Press 2020) and the digital chapbook The Persistence of The Bonyleg: Annotated (Essay Press 2016). She is the video editor at TriQuarterly Review, Assistant Director of the Cleveland Drafts Literary Festival, and teaches creative writing to artists and designers at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Lucy Zhang




Lucy Zhang writes, codes, and watches anime. Her work has appeared in Third Point Press, SOFTBLOW, Atticus Review, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and elsewhere. She is an editor for Heavy Feather Review and assistant fiction editor for Pithead Chapel. Find her at or on Twitter @Dango_Ramen.

Sharony Green


Makes You Happy


Sharony Green is a multi-disciplinary artist and Associate Professor of History at the University of Alabama. She studied dance with John Gamble at UNCGreensboro in her first graduate program. Sharony is a native of Miami, FL, with roots in the Bahamas and American South. She is greatly interested in exploring the across time complexities of human interaction, especially with women of African descent in view.

Mitesh Take


Durga’s Lockdown

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a married middle class Indian couple is in a lockdown situation. The wife stands against domestic violence and becomes a DURGA – the goddess of war.


Mitesh Take is a farmer from India. He is also an actor, designer, poet, blogger and social worker. This is his first film shot on an 8 megapixel smartphone in lockdown.

Nicci Haynes


Don’t Stand So


Nicci Haynes lives in Canberra, Australia. She uses experimental film to bring together the elements of a varied art practice that includes performance, printmaking, drawing and mad-scientist constructions. For Nicci the term ‘film’ rarely refers to film as such, but its format: an assembled sequence of images. Her quirky animations are constructed from drawings, objects, photographs and video footage.